What are the key ingredients of a good sounding album? High quality EQ’s, compressors or other effects? It can make a difference, but it all starts with the sound of the instrument. An engineer who hears and understands this is the last piece of the puzzle. I won’t go with “Oh well it sounds OK”. My “mission” is to keep digging for the maximum potential until I find it. In my opinion, this separates a good sounding album from a great sounding album. You may have heard of the expression “Shit in = Shit out”. I try to live by this to help your music reach a new level.

I graduated from the Rock Academy in Tilburg as Sound Engineer. My specialty is mixing, and in the past I focussed on hard rock and metal music. Due to the complexity and speed of metal, this is one of the hardest genres to make it sound right. By mixing lots of loud music, I learned many things which can be applied to any genre. My internship at Split Second Sound was particularly valuable, where I learned about mixing from Jochem Jacobs. Bouke Visser taught me the basics of post production and sound design, and let me do lots of voice over editing.

As a producer I try to think along with the artist, both in sound and composition. The intention of the music should be reflected in the recording. To reach this you need to be pushed to the limit. This won’t work if you don’t feel at ease, therefore it is my job to make everything as comfortable as possible. This will determine the final result.

I can do the entire production, or just the mix/ mastering. Live recording and recording on location is also possible! If you’re not quite convinced, you can ask for a test mix to determine if you want to let me handle your production! Feel free to contact me at about all of this, and maybe we can work together sometime!