Cartographer – A Sea Of Sunshine (producer/recording/engineering/mix)
Cartographer – Frequenzy Session (mix/mastering with Yuma van Eekelen)
Chiraw – Machinarium (recording, mix)
Desolate Fields – Past Apocalyptic Dates (Producer/recording/engineering/mix/mastering)
The Dirty Dutch – Shiny New Things (Recording/mix)
The Dutch Duke – The Dutch Duke (EP) (producer/recording/engineering/mix/mastering)
Ella Medit – Demo (recording/mix/mastering)
Elmer Meijers – Self Titled (recording, mix)
Feisty Fenix – Promo 2018 (mix/mastering)
Goud In Handen – Demo (recording drums)
Jackpackers – Mastering
Jazz Providers – Live footage (live recording/mix/mastering)
Little Devil Allstars – Promo 2016 (mix, mastering)
Major Tom – Demo – (recording/mix)
PROA – Demo (Mix)
Pelgrim – Ephemera (Drum recordings)
Scarlet Stories – Scarlet Stories (recording/ ass. engineer)
Woodstar – Live promovideo (mix/mastering)
Willem II College