Session Musician

I’m available as a session/ tour-musician. My heart lies with the louder genres, especially progressive rock and metal. However, I can play much more due to my years of experience playing in cover bands. Thanks to my excellent ears and theoretical knowledge, I learn very quickly, which allows me to prepare for a show in a few days. Capable of playing complex music styles, I offer versatility and flexibility you won’t find easily. I own a vast array of bass guitars, from Rickenbacker to Precision, and six-string to fretless. This enables me to handle any type of situation, and get the right sound for the job. Mostly I don’t need a rehearsal because I master the material properly in a short time, but if you want to it’s no problem at all. Bands/companies I’ve played with/for are:

Gitaarschool Vlaardingen
Less Is More
Little Devil Allstars
Musicbox Productions
Scarlet Stories

Wondering how I can be of service to you? Hit me at for questions and more information!